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  • Date:2019-04-22

The Kinmen County Fire Bureau (KCFB) is managed by Director-general, Deputy Director-general and Chief Secretary. A crew of 76 uniformed personnel and 243 civilian volunteers operates a bureau headquarter and two fire battalions, the First (West Kinmen) battalion and the Second (East Kinmen) battalion.

There are three branches under First battalion, Jincheng, Jinning and Lieyu Branch. While Jinhu and Jinsha are the two branches under Second battalion. All branches provide local Fire Suppression and Rescue as well as Emergency Medical Services.

The bureau headquarter consists of Emergency Command Center and 7 office sections including Disaster Prevention Section, Fire and Rescue Planning Section, Emergency Medical Service Section, Inspection and Training Section, Fire Investigation Section, General Affairs Section, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and Civil Service Ethic Office. Addresses of mentioned sections are as followed.


Emergency Command Center

  • Direct, coordinate and control all KCFB field operations.

Disaster Prevention Section

  • Fire extinguishing and protection measure inspection.
  • Processing legal cases involving Fire Services Act.
  • Propaganda of disaster prevention.
  • Public hazardous materials related management and personnel training.
  • Training and managing of fire fighting management personnel.

Fire and Rescue Planning Section

  • Planning and Promoting the disaster prevention and response system
  • Administrating disaster rescue operation.
  • Management and coordinate relief provisions and Fire water supply.
  • Training and managing volunteer firefighting personnel.
  • Coordinating joint disaster relieve unit.

Emergency Medical Service Section

  • Emergency Medical Service related planning and execution.
  • EMS personnel training, qualifying and management.

Inspection and Training Section

  • Personnel training and inspection.

Fire Investigation Section

  • Conducting fire scene investigation and analysis.
  • Pertaining to fire disaster certificate issuing.

General Affairs Section

  • Pertaining to management of general affairs.

Accounting Office

  • Managing annual budget, accounts management, and statistic data of KCFB.

Personnel Office

  • Administrating all KCFB personnel affairs.

Civil Service Ethic Office

  • Attending civil service ethic related issues.